Arsilia Arsyadjuliandi


I embarked on my career journey in our family business in energy sector, but a strong desire to create something meaningful led me to establish my own start-up, called Organic Center, in the organic consumer goods industry. Personal experiences with autoimmune disease, affecting both myself and a close family member, drove me to discover the importance of natural, chemical-free foods in managing and preventing aggravation of such conditions.

Motivated by my experiences and a deep-rooted desire to positively influence others, I am committed to leading a purposeful life through lifelong learning. While attending a leadership program at Harvard Business School, I learnt that generally there is insufficient in-depth research specific to the organic food sector. This realization prompted me to reach out to professors for further discussions. Inspired by one of the professor's insightful comment– my industry is relatively new, and there is a scarcity of research and case studies to support theories in the organic food space. This sparked an idea to enroll in a professional doctoral program to enable me to contribute to the existing body of knowledge and validate my theories. Despite the challenges of being a start-up founder and a mother, I am driven by passion and purpose to create a profound impact not only in my business but also in the realm of research and academia.

Access to healthy, chemical-free food is increasingly challenging, and I firmly believe that food plays a vital role in breaking the cycle of poverty. Through my research, I aim to challenge misconceptions about organic consumer goods and prioritize wholesome food. By encouraging more manufacturers to prioritize nourishing consumers over profit, we can bring about transformative change. Nutritious food is a key solution to combat malnourishment and stunted growth. My goal is to provide organic and natural alternatives to staple consumer goods, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future.

The professors at HKUST played a pivotal role in my decision to choose the DBA Program. Their alignment with my commitment to make a positive societal impact, coupled with their expertise in food industry and leading research capabilities, will provide invaluable learning opportunities. The flexibility of the program to choose my own research topics is another reason I selected it. The program has not only enhanced my analytical and research skills but also nurtured my leadership and problem-solving abilities in business. The HKUST DBA Program has provided me with the necessary tools and knowledge to look beyond hypotheses and rigorously test and prove my theories. It has been an enriching experience that has pushed me to grow both academically and personally.



Organic Center (Organic Consumer Goods)
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