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Embark on a Journey to Transform Your Insights into Meaningful Impact

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Are you grappling with challenges in your business, yearning to unravel complexities and drive positive changes? Are you passionate about reshaping the business landscape? The HKUST DBA program is your gateway to turning these aspirations into reality. 

What is DBA?

DBA, or Doctor of Business Administration, is a professional doctorate with a unique focus on practice-based research, offering a terminal degree akin to a PhD. While a PhD primarily targets those pursuing careers in academia or research, the HKUST DBA program positions itself as a dynamic catalyst for developing innovative knowledge with industry and societal impact. Following a systematic and scientific approach, students engage in groundbreaking research, moving beyond anecdotes to cultivate accurate, verifiable, and generalizable knowledge. This positions them as thought leaders at the forefront of industry evolution.

Benefits of DBA:

The HKUST DBA program provides rigorous and professional training, allowing participants to develop a robust skill set for conducting practice-based research. Through applied research, students will:

  • Create new knowledge applicable to real-world business problems
  • Validate theories using scientific methods and rigorous data analysis
  • Develop thought leadership, becoming advocates in their respective industries
  • Embark on a research journey, with a pathway to transition into academia and educate future business leaders
  • Leverage part-time learning to immediately apply acquired knowledge to their work


Who should apply and what are their goals?

The HKUST DBA program is tailored for senior executives eager to enhance their research capabilities through rigorous doctoral training. Our diverse cohorts include:

  • Senior corporate executives seeking scientific approaches to solving advanced business problems
  • C-level strategists aiming to gain higher academic credentials
  • Entrepreneurs committed to accelerating personal and business growth
  • Business professionals exploring alternative careers in academia while building a new network of scholars
  • Seasoned public officials aspiring to gain exposure to the latest business trends

In pursuit of these goals, the DBA program brings together outstanding faculty, offering a distinctive curriculum that equips motivated leaders with professional training to cultivate a diverse portfolio of skills in applied research.


The HKUST DBA program is a 4-year part-time journey, encompassing a 55-credit curriculum. In the first two years, students focus on coursework and thesis preparation, while the subsequent two years revolve around thesis research and residential programs. Throughout, students acquire prevalent research methodologies and delve into frontier research in their chosen areas.

Conducted on a residential modular basis, classes usually span four consecutive days, including weekends, ensuring an immersive and comprehensive learning experience. Join us on this transformative journey, where insight develops into impact.